Thank you for your interest in BRAEBON Medical Corporation.

BRAEBON is currently looking to fill the position below:

Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT)

BRAEBON Medical Corporation is a leading developer of sleep diagnostic products.

BRAEBON is currently looking for a full-time RPSGT to join our team for daytime work.

Primary responsibilities include the following:

  1. Score MediByte & MediByte Jr studies as per AASM guidelines.
  2. Act as a technical and clinical knowledge base to back up internal technical support.
  3. Communicate with and train customers on using BRAEBON products.
  4. Create training videos for BRAEBON’s global distribution network (we are in 36 countries now and growing).
  5. Attend tradeshows and events to support BRAEBON sales staff.


The successful applicant have the ability to embrace new technology and innovative software, will have a thorough understanding of human sleep and physiology, will have attention to detail & quality standards in the scoring of sleep studies as per AASM guidelines, effective communication skills and the ability to read, write and speak English. A positive attitude, willingness to learn and a sense of teamwork are essential. The successful applicant must be able to work quickly and accurately with attention to detail, must have strong computer and software skills, must be eligible to work in Canada, must have familiarity with sleep laboratory equipment and the environment for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, and must have an awareness of new products in the sleep medicine industry. Organizational, prioritization and time-management skills are essential along with flexibility and adaptability.

Responsibilities include determining priorities, working closely with both customers and BRAEBON support staff, use company-provided tools and devices to assist, troubleshoot, and educate customers, provide unparalleled customer support with a friendly and cheerful disposition and ensure that service commitments are met within the standard response time. The full-time position is Monday through Friday 0900 to 1700 Eastern time in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Global Headquarters.

If this sounds like the exciting technical challenge you are looking for, we invite cover letter and resume submissions to

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